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Archives for January, 2011


Puppies As Promised

Here they are. Lucy's puppies.

Two boys and one girl.

They're beautiful and healthy and happy and one of these little guys is now residing in Vancouver, a 10th birthday gift for a little girl from her adoring father.

I won't dwell on these puppies. I have other issues to discuss, more relevant to my mandate here.

I must, however, stress this. When I was 17, I was given my first dog, a two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named...
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Rolling With The Punches…

I must admit, I've had a rough time.

We've had a lot of unexpected financial trials and tribulations including replacing our car, a leak in our ceiling necessitating repair, and my broken tooth – which must be crowned next month. Plus, in two weeks, I'm replacing my hearing aids.

Did you know I wear hearing aids?

Well, I do. I had my hearing tested this week and guess what? There's been a significant deterioration.

So what else is new?...
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Keeping Our Eyes On The Road…

We bought a well "pre-owned" car this morning.

It's not blue, like the one you see here. Ours is silver.

It's a 2008 Subaru Impreza with All Wheel Drive ~ in mint condition.

We had invaluable

We couldn't have accomplished this without the expertise and enthusiasm of one of our dearest, closest friends who loves nothing more than "looking for, looking at and test driving cars," as he said.

"The fact that I can indulge this guilty pleasure...
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Now, A Word From My Husband…

As I promised in my last post, the following was written by my husband, Marty. I felt, to be fair, he deserved to voice his side of the story.

So here it

Living with my wife, Sandy, is a constant adventure into the unknown. Much like the Lewis and Clark expedition in the early 1800's, one is constantly overwhelmed by the sheer grandeur of the landscape and the frightening twists and turns...
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To Be Fair, Marty Will Have His Say…

It has occurred to me that my darling husband of more than 10-years ~ and he truly is a darling ~ has taken a bit if drubbing by me over the last few days because of our silly old car.

He had a little car accident. No one was hurt. No charges were laid. It was simply weather-related.

Well, I lost it and really gave him a hard time ~ here and

I wasn't thinking. It...
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More Slip-Sliding Along …

I say, it's a lesson

You only learn from your mistakes (rarely from what you do right) and this is one mistake that was relatively minor. No one was hurt. Physically.

Bruised egos notwithstanding.

Not only do you have to be doubly careful in the kind of snow and slush we're having this January, more than we've had in quite a few winters. It's easy to forget how cars behave under these conditions. It takes practice. It's...
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Slip-Sliding Along In The Snow…

Up here in Ontario, we're having a good old-fashioned winter, like none in recent memory.

I took this picture from the window of my office early this afternoon.

There's half a foot of fluffy snow outside and it's utterly exquisite if you know how to dress and can embrace the elements in comfort. I'm learning this year.

Snow is exquisite if you can embrace

Luckily, my nephew Max gave me a quick lesson in winter dressing ~ three...
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About Those Puppies…

I should have given you a few words of explanation about these puppies in my last post.

I guess I was being a little

I can be, you know.

You see ~ it's been a very long day. A film crew from the University of Windsor called Student Filmmakers as Social Advocates were here all day filming me. From 11 to 4 with one hour break for lunch.

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And More Reflections…

Print journalism is still alive, but it's changing.

I doubt print will ever die.

Still, its dynamics are transforming us and our world.

I think and write like a print journalist on this blog.

I don't want to lose the values that inform my

Though, I'm sure I'm influenced by technology, I'm clinging to the fundamental old values I learned 40 years ago ~ like accountability.

That's why I link all the

Admittedly, my voice has changed. The...
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