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Madness, Mayhem and Merriment…

This is going to be short and bittersweet.

Right now, I’m going mad. It’s end of term. Utter mayhem for teachers ~ especially college and university teachers.

When will the stress subside?

I just spoke to one of my students ~ for over an hour. He’s missed a lot of classes and his final assignment, worth 30% of his mark, came in early and is substandard.

I asked him to contact me and he did. It’s obvious he has no idea of what the assignment demands and he has to rewrite, essentially start from scratch.

So, now, he wants to meet with me ~ before our last class ~ tomorrow. What can I do?

How can I re-teach the course in a 10 minute meeting? That’s essentially what he wants. I know what many people would do without question (“Fail him!) But I simply can’t turn a blind eye to him. So, I’ll do what I can. Try my best.

The trials of teachings ~ and the gifts…

My students. I adore them but they’re part of the reason for my not posting since last week.

The last few weeks of any term are utter madness for those of us privileged to be able to teach and engage with today’s college students. (I find I learn as much or perhaps more from them than they learn from me, quite often.)

But there’s lots of good news, too.

I’m happy to report reasons for happiness and gratitude ~ amidst my current chaos. (You should see the marking/grading to be done and that’s before final exams next week.

You’re proof positive that we’re a community…

One of those reasons for this optimism is you with your thoughtful, insightful and compassionate comments to me and with each other ~ the conversation you’re engaged in is fascinating. I didn’t think a little story about my Dandies would resonate with so many of you.

Lucy and her puppies are doing well…

They’re now almost 17 days old. I suspect their eyes are open by now. I don’t know.

My breeder, also an international dog show judge, has gone to Mexico for a big show, so I have no information. No new pics. Lucy and new little family are camping out with a friend of hers ~ experienced with whelping Dandies ~ so they’re in loving hands and happy, I’m told.

Other great news…

My sweet New Jersey friend Susan Schechter, who writes the extraordinary blog If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going, is on the mend and gaining strength every day. You won’t believe what an ordeal she has been through over the last few weeks. And years, though that’s another story. Many.

For days, I tried reaching her in her hospital room, but couldn’t get through. Then, she contacted me online two days ago. I picked up the phone and there she was. It wasn’t endstage kidney failure and she doesn’t need a kidney transplant. The thought had tortured me until then.

I’ve only met (online) one other person who needed to have a kidney transplant because of Lithium toxicity ~ like me. That toxicity was due to medical negligence ~ my psychaitrist at the time wasn’t adequately monitoring my Lithium levels, so it was iatrogenic.

Susan’s situation turned out to have nothing to do with her Lithium. Now, she’s on no medication, and she’s recovering. Doing what comes naturally. She’s writing again ~ sharing, giving of herself, inspiring all of us with her visceral honesty, spirit and courage.

Bravo, Susan, and speedy recovery …

Her soul-searing writing blended with humour and solid news reporting takes her blog beyond the realm of her bipolar disorder. She is multi-faceted and what invariably shines through is her heart.

The other night, when we spoke, she said she was shocked at the number of followers she has online ~ close to 1,000. I’m not. Susan has integrity. Grit. Dignity. She is among a handful of people I’ve met online who I consider to be a real friend.

I’m thrilled you’re back, Susan. I missed you. We all did.

Welcome home.

Health, that’s my wish this year. Universal health. Complete health. Without health, what else is there?

Hugs to you… to you all.

Speak soon.


Madness, Mayhem and Merriment…

Sandy Naiman

Sandy Naiman is a Toronto freelance journalist.

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