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Lucy’s Puppies and More…

Hello, again.

Yes, I’m back. Earlier than I expected, but I’m going to write shorter and more often. That way, I’ll not lose my momentum or risk losing you, again.

I don’t want to do that.

My new mantra ~ shorter, more frequent posts…

So, this post is going to be quick and easy. I’m hungry and have barely eaten anything today. Must keep eating.

First, I want to share with you some good news about Lucy’s puppies. And this pic:

Today, right now, they are almost six days old and doing well, as is she. Here’s a slightly more recent picture than the first one.

This one was taken by my breeder when they were three and a half days old ~ on Thursday, November 25 ~ the day before yesterday.

They were still very tiny, but growing fast, beginning to fill out a bit. You cannot see much, but that’s because they tend to huddle together to keep each other warm.

Today, the puppies are bigger and better…

In her most recent update ~ this morning ~ my breeder wrote they’re doing well because Lucy is eating so well. (She knows how to nurture nursing little dogs.) Lucy is producing good milk, so her three little puppies are beginning to thrive. All good news. More will come as time goes by.

Now, onto other things…

I think I’m mimicking Lucy. Or trying.

Although I have barely eaten anything today, I just met with a fellow named Pete. A superb fitness trainer and the son-in-law of a good friend. I asked him to help me workout at home because I cannot afford the time or the money to join a gym.

So today, for one hour, he taught me how to use the furniture in my office and set of weights I already have, plus the configuration of my townhouse with all its stairs (28 between four levels) to help me burn fat and build muscle.

But I have to eat at least five times a day…

He taught me about good nutrition for optimizing my health and it really hit home.

I’ve been eating five small meals a day , for the first time in my life, all this week. Mostly fruits and vegetables. A little protein. A few almonds. Some grains. A little no fat dairy. A touch of Olive Oil. Lots of water. No sugar. And as always, I’ve done a lot walking.

I feel so much better, but I want to do more…

If I don’t eat often and in small amounts, my body won’t be efficient, given the amount of exercise I already do, Pete said. I’ll start burning muscle. That’s probably basic knowledge for you, but not for me. It never hit home until today.

That’s the key, he said.

A major shift in my core values…

Even though I have a strong core (I have no trouble with the Plank) and I’m at the right weight for my height ~ more or less (quite frankly I would like to weigh a little less, but who doesn’t?) After more than a year on Weight Watchers, my chief concern is on not regaining the 60 lbs. I’ve lost ~ by building muscle, and burning fat.

Especially during the winter when walking Lucy and Riley as much as I do, can be perilous.

Today, I almost slipped on some black ice walking only Riley. With Lucy and Riley tethered together, and often running in different directions, chasing squirrels, I could literally slip and break something. Seriously.

I cannot afford to hurt myself…

To be honest, I must confess to you I’ve been hurting myself for years in oh so many ways. But that’s another story. I cannot write about it yet. It’s too new. It’s close. I’m still vulnerable. I have to process more. And believe me, I am.

I promise, when I’m a little more comfortable about all this, I will be able to tell you more. I think, on this, a lot of you will identify with me. I’m in the midst of a protracted period of major onion peeling.


Now, I have a new goal. I’m very excited. Complete health. Healing. Becoming whole for the first time in my life. Mind. Spirit. And body.

I’ll keep you posted on my news. My unconscious seems to be revealing itself to me very quickly, right now. The layers are coming off fast.

And yet, I don’t know if I’m crying. I may be rejoicing. I’m now sure. You don’t always shed tears when you cry. You can cry inside. Invisibly.

From now on, I’m going to focus on not only my mind and my soul, but my body, too. Synchronously. I’ve abused and neglected and tortured my body since I was a kid. (Trust me. Give me time. I’ll tell you more in a little time. I need more time.)

And the good news is…

It’s never too late. Mind you, I never say never, either. 😉

Now, I must run. It’s time for something to eat. I’m famished.

Hugs and speak soon.


P.S. How did this get so long? Next time, I will be more succinct. Promise. Now I’m hitting the “Publish” button and taking Riley out for his evening constitution. Bye for now.

Lucy’s Puppies and More…

Sandy Naiman

Sandy Naiman is a Toronto freelance journalist.

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