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Free. At Last. For Now…

I’m free. For two luscious weeks. My grading for this term is done. My students are no longer mine… and for the next two weeks, until it begins all over again, I do not have to think too much about school.

Now, I can think about you…

Just you… and a little school. (Teachers are always learning new ways to enhance the learning experience. Teaching, after all, is learning.)

I confess, I have not been keeping up with life at Psych Central. Please forgive me. Quite honestly, I haven’t been keeping up with anything or anyone.

With one exception. Jessica the Great, Psych Central’s extraordinary editor. She has been my one link to Psych Central and extremely supportive, as is John Grohol, Psych., who works tirelessly, relentlessly, to keep everything up and current here.

So, summer is almost over…

How do you feel about that?. I’m not unhappy about it, though for me, with my peculiar brand of mood disorder, traditionally, season changes have proven precarious. This summer, though, was a real test of my resilience, spirit, stress endurance and recovery.

And, I’m happy to report, I’m feeling good. Looking back, I’m not sure how I managed to get through it, but I can honestly report that today, this morning, my stress levels are lower than they’ve ever been and my happiness quotient is high. We acted to change our situation. We did something. Drastic and dramatic. We had no choice, but we’re not looking back.

When you actually do something to change your environment and improve your mental, emotional and fiscal health, as I have done, it’s amazing how well you can feel.

As I reflect on this downsizing and the last four months of chaos we lived through, I cannot believe I’m coming out the other end feeling so much better.

This house. This autumn. This new year school year. This time in my life, promises to be very positive. It took a great deal of work. We did this move entirely by ourselves with the exception of a professional mover and now we can breathe. It’s a new beginning.

I’m enormously fond of new beginnings…

New days. New seasons. New years.

On the weekend, Marty and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. I’m amazed he’s been able to put up with me for all this time. (I did read Gillian Fournier’s book review, here, on a new book called The Bipolar Relationship ~ How to understand, help and love your partner, and what struck me most was the emphasis on how instrumental a partner can be in his or her spouse’s recovery. That’s certainly the case with us. Marty is my rock. We celebrated by going to the theatre to see the Lincoln Center touring production of South Pacific. It was dazzling, provocative and, best of all, it  features my theme song, I’m Just A Cockeyed Optimist.

This was the first time we had been “out” ~ other than to our local sushi joint ~ in months.

So, we are launching the next decade of our lives in a new house and with new found optimism.

New beginnings…

I’m enormously fond of new beginnings and the fall always signals new beginnings, new reasons for hope, and continued recovery.

Not to mention new beginnings for young people (and not so young) embarking on the new school year.

When we moved, my 23-year-old stepdaughter was forced to move out on her own. For much of the last year, she was independent and living in Ottawa, but when she decided to move back in with us “just for the summer,” she wasn’t exactly expecting to be moving out half-way through. Nevertheless, she did. She had no choice. Our new house simply isn’t big enough for her.

Opportunities for new growth…

This initial shock has turned out to be a blessing for her and an opportunity for new growth. A recent college graduate, she’s found a great managerial post, with benefits, in a big retail firm where she worked part-time as a student. She’s happily ensconced in a flat and seems to be doing exceedingly well. We can tell. We rarely hear from her.

It wasn’t easy for her, but she did it. Like us, the experience tested her resilience and she rallied exquisitely. We’re extremely proud of her.

She’s a 20-something, with many of the characteristics of her current generation, though she growing up fast. On that note, I’m going to conclude this reflection on where I’ve been this last while. I urge you to read this past weekend’s New York Times magazine cover story, What Is It About 20-Somethings? Very insightful and enlightening.

From now on, it’s back to business…

I’m looking forward to this new year. Tomorrow, I see Dr. Bob for the first time in weeks. Cannot wait to catch him up on things, just as I’ve done here.

Take care and thank you for your patience and support. I took all your suggestions to heart and they were marvellously helpful. Especially, “the breakfast box” and your strong admonitions against driving by our old house. It’s history. You know what? I like this new one better and I especially love the neighbourhood. It’s divine. (You see? I wasn’t kidding about being a cockeyed optimist.)

Speak soon.

Free. At Last. For Now…

Sandy Naiman

Sandy Naiman is a Toronto freelance journalist.

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