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Archives for August, 2010


Free. At Last. For Now…

I'm free. For two luscious weeks. My grading for this term is done. My students are no longer and for the next two weeks, until it begins all over again, I do not have to think too much about school.

Now, I can think about

Just and a little school. (Teachers are always learning new ways to enhance the learning experience. Teaching, after all, is learning.)

I confess, I have not been keeping up with...
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Just Checking In…

Hi, there ~

I hope this post finds all of you coping reasonably well.

End of summer can be a little depressing sometimes.

Solidly, for the last week and until next Monday, August 23, I have been and will be consumed with my "other" life as a college teacher.

It's end of term. Grading papers is weighing me down.

I taught all

So, I'm overwhelmed not only with unpacking, which is endless, but readying myself for the next term. This...
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Random Thoughts On Psychoanalysis vs. Psychotherapy…

It was a grey, humid, rainy morning in my new neighbourhood and psychoanalysis was on my mind.

Among other things.

Why psychoanalysis? Simple. I spent 40 minutes reading Daphne Merkin's engaging lead New York Times magazine feature on her 40 years in psychoanalysis.

I've been in psychotherapy for 50 years.

We were both considered "difficult"

There is no comparison,

Daphne and I have some strong similarities. We're both writers. Both...
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The Power Of Community, Part 2…

Marty and I had quite a few surprises and challenges just before we moved, while some work was being done here.

A gas leak nearly did me

All work being done on the house that day had to abruptly stop.

Three people were here.

We all became

Until the problem was fixed, they had to leave. I remained. Alone. The main electrical breaker of the house had to be turned off. It was 90 degrees that day.

Yet, wondrous,...
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The Power Of Community…

When did I last post to you?

Do you remember? I don't. It seems like a lifetime ago.

It was a lifetime ago and all

You were in my thoughts, buoying me on with your

Now, here I am. In our new house ~ built in 1971 and sadly neglected. A townhouse, in a tiny suburban condominium of only 58 units. Less than miles from our "other" house. The house I thought was our "dream" house, but...
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