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I will miss Susan K. Perry's "Writer's Mind"…

I am sorry to read that Susan K. Perry is discontinuing her blog Writer’s Mind here at Psych Central because it has proven to be too time-consuming.

How well I can empathize with you, Susan.

As she wrote in her final post ~ “I thought I could keep up with a constant and frequent posting rate here at this blog, and it turned out to be impossible. I wasn’t doing my real writing.”

I always loved reading Susan’s blog. It felt like home…

Susan’s posts were always instructive and inspiring, even though I have never written fiction, she had invaluable insights for all writers, no matter what genre.

Very few people understand how demanding writing is. People I know think you just sit down at a keyboard and out flow the words. That it is effortless. Hah!

I have written my entire life, professionally. I am married to a writer. We know that writing is the toughest work in the world.

Writing is rewriting

It’s intense, solitary, isolating, excruciating and exhausting. Ideas do not flood into one’s mind. Words. Words. Words. Finding the right words can be agonizing.

Yet, if you are a writer, you write. You must write. You cannot imagine life not writing.

Blogging is a little different. As is print journalism. As is fiction writing. Or writing drama, as does my husband. And poetry, the most rigorous of all writing genres, as far as I’m concerned. Susan explored the writer’s life from her understanding of the psychology of the writer. She shared some of the fears we face when staring at a blank screen.

Nothing is more daunting that facing a blank page or screen…

Less is more, in writing. You have to learn to “kill your darlings,” as my husband is fond of saying of those lovely little phrases that you adore but alas are not crucial to your message and that muddy what you’re trying to communicate.

And more than the writing, it’s the thinking that wears you down.

In leaving her blog, I believe Susan is courageous and brave. She’s acting out of integrity and supreme honesty… to herself and her personal ethos. And I admire her enormously for it.

During her three-month tenure with Psych Central she opened her heart and gave of herself generously and authentically. Great advice, fascinating segues, intriguing examples from other writers and lots of unique perspectives for all of us who love writing, who need to write, but who face endless roadblocks along the way.

Charming. Engaging. Often amusing. Always practical.

Thank you for all you’ve given us…

Susan, I wish you well. I will follow you at your own website, BunnyApe, and I’m sure all your readers will, too.

You’ve reached so many people here at PsychCentral that I’m sure this will prove to be a positive experience for you, even though it may feel a little bittersweet, right now.

Good luck. Good writing. Success. Health. And productivity.

You helped me and encouraged me enormously and I will always be profoundly grateful to you.

All the best, always…


I will miss Susan K. Perry's "Writer's Mind"…

Sandy Naiman

Sandy Naiman is a Toronto freelance journalist.

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