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Birthing A New Beginning…

So, where have I been, you may ask?

Where to begin. It all seems like a dream. Or, if I wasn’t such a “half glass full kind a gal” ~ a nightmare…

Since my last post five days ago, here’s what I’ve been up to …

  1. Preparing, lesson planning, marking, and inspiring 20 students in my Seneca College “Leadership in Society” classes
  2. Polishing and cleaning every stainless steel surface, scouring every window sill and  burnishing every inch of marble and glass in the kitchen and bathrooms of our house ~ so everything looks “picture perfect”
  3. Putting the finishing touches on the gardens and deck of our front and backyards
  4. Packing up, labeling and storing in our basement all the clutter we wish to keep
  5. Discarding, recycling and disposing of all the clutter we don’t ~ liberating ourselves of a garage-full of “stuff”
  6. Driving our beloved Dandie Dinmonts, Lucy and Riley, three hours north to Haliburton to be loved and cared for by “The Granddandies” of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of Canada
  7. Not sleeping ~ averaging just two hours per night for the last three nights ~ sleep deprivation*
  8. Speaking with my banker, my financial planner, my mortgage broker and my real estate agent

Staying sane while residing in Stress City…

The joys of selling a house in a Buyers’ market…

On Tuesday, June 8 at 4 p.m. we listed our “darling little dream house” ~ the house we wanted to live in forever ~ on the hot Toronto real estate market, currently a “buyers” market.

At 7:55 p.m. it was shown for the first time ~ before the “For Sale” was up ~ and our first offer came in…

Less than 28 hours later, it was sold for well over asking price.

Today, the firm offer is a done deal and a lovely young couple with twin two-year-old boys will be moving in on August 13 ~ a Friday. They will be over the moon with the house and the street, filled with kids and dogs and young parents. Surrounded by good schools. A safe street.

Now “the labour” begins…

Meanwhile, we have no idea where we’re going. House hunting begins tomorrow…

Everyone is offering advice. Everyone pretends to know the real estate business. None really do.

We want a small, sweet little place. And we must move while I continue teaching my course and blogging here.

Our closing date ~ Friday, August 13 ~ is the last day of classes. Major marking time. Exam time. Crazy-making. Where will I find the energy? How will I extend the day.

How can I stretch a 24-hour day to 32 hours. Or more?

Will I survive? Who knows? I just must. We must.

We’re at a crossroads…

I want to be free of financial stress. Forever. To live with everyday stresses. Dare I say it?
“Normal” stresses.

Now the labour begins. I think it should be fun. I’m going to stay in the present and enjoy the process. Carry my camera and concentrate on “hope” and fresh new dreams.

And see what happens…

Birthing A New Beginning…

Sandy Naiman

Sandy Naiman is a Toronto freelance journalist.

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