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Archives for June, 2010


"I Need You" ~ Part Two…

As a writer, I know there's nothing "scientific" about language. It's all subtle shadings and interpretations. Meaning making. Not exactly the neuroscience that dominates modern psychiatry.

Both Dr. Bob and Dr. Ronald Pies are eclectic in their approach to their patients. Both agree that the causes of mental illnesses are still largely unknown, mysterious and could have any number of causes from trauma, genetics, biology, psychology, environment, list is endless. Both physicians are...
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"I Need You" ~ Part One…

A number of years ago, my psychiatrist Dr. Bob bought a large painting at a local art college show and hung it on a prominent wall in his office. It's quite startling. All rich and lustrous purples and blacks and greys ~ many shades of grey ~ it features huge silver lettering that says in script ~ "I need you."

He and I often discuss the meaning of that painting, although not until recently did I begin...
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Meet our Dandies ~ Part One…

Curiously, I find writing about my dogs as calming as holding them and caring for them.

So, this morning, I'm going to continue from where I left you last week when I introduced you to my dogs and told you about Murphy, My First Therapy Dog.

When he died, I left you hanging, promising to tell you how I learned about the grave importance of grieving for your pet.

Leigh Pretnar Cousins in her endlessly captivating blog here at Psych...
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Living in Never Neverland…

Just call me Peter Pan. I've been sleepless and so maniacally busy this week, I haven't had a second to sit down and seriously reflect and post to you about anything. I'm in a bit of a tizzy.

You've been on my mind. Constantly. I've written three drafts of various posts, none of which, when I look back at them, feel right for you or for me. So, I'm trashing them.

I've been hijacked to Never

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Murphy, My First Therapy Dog…

With Murphy, I started walking a dog every day. Two or three times a day. Year-round. I had no choice.

He had his own trainer. A young fellow who made weekly visits and trained "us" according to the Barbara Woodhouse dog training method.

There's a peculiarly entrancing chemistry in walking your

Walking for us became "Walkies" and I fell in love with the peculiar chemistry of walking a dog while engaging with the great...
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Introducing "Tales of My Terriers" and Other Dog Stories…

In five weeks, we're moving to a condominium townhouse that is 25% smaller than this house with no fenced in backyard.

I confess, my Dandies are like children to

That means I'll be walking my two Dandie Dinmont Terriers at least three or four times a day. For the last five years, since I acquired my second Dandie, our two dogs have happily cavorted with each other in the backyard and rough-housed around indoors, as is the nature of this rare and endangered...
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The Power of Reflective Writing…

I started keeping diaries ~ I guess you could call it journaling ~ from the time I was able to manipulate a pen or pencil on paper and print or write.

Some of my earliest diaries still occupy a special place in my library.

They're filled with horrid little stick drawings, charts and snippets of conversation. Direct quotes from real interactions or little playlets of my own creation.

What I loved was that I'd never lose...
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Embracing Chaos and Change…

I didn't intend to write so much about my life when I started blogging for Psych Central. I never did before, but my life wasn't as eventful, either. I'm sick of being so self-indulgent.

After all, why should you care? You barely know me.

Old dogs can indeed learn new

On the other hand, learning to cope with dramatic change ~ chaotic change ~ can be very instructive, inspiring. Even life-changing. An adventure.

Changes and personal...
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Birthing A New Beginning…

So, where have I been, you may ask?

Where to begin. It all seems like a dream. Or, if I wasn't such a "half glass full kind a gal" ~ a

Since my last post five days ago, here's what I've been up to ...

Preparing, lesson planning, marking, and inspiring 20 students in my Seneca College "Leadership in Society" classes
Polishing and cleaning every stainless steel surface, scouring every window sill and  burnishing every inch...
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