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Archives for May, 2010

Why "On Lemons" Was A Lemon ~ Maybe…

I have decided not to write too much more "On " as I had planned when I posted it yesterday.

In my reply to the only comment On Lemons provoked from Jessika ~ thank you Jessika ~ I explained in detail, why I think On lemons was, indeed, a lemon.

You see, because that post only received Jessika's comment ~ a good one, but only one ~ maybe it wasn't a good enough post.

That's what that one and only one...
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On lemons …

Something just occurred to me.

With all this talk of turning lemons into lemonade, I confess, I dislike lemonade. Never drink the stuff. Too sickly sweet for my savoury palate.

So, why turn luscious lemons into treacly lemonade?

You probably think I've lost my mind. Maybe I have. I'm allowed. After all, why else be "Coming Out Crazy" ~ it's liberating. The point is, would you really want life to be all that sweet? Isn't living more exciting...
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Belonging to Yourself…

The origin of this post lies in a reply I began writing to several of you ~ and your candid and courageous comments and conversation ~ sparked by my posts "Coming Out Crazy" in and Living . published earlier this week.

Your dialogue with each other teaches us all

I love following your online discussions ~ and believe you me, I do. I read every word. Even if I cannot reply personally to each of you...
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Living Fast…

I'm fast.

Not romantically. In that department, I'm a very late-bloomer.

But in terms of the way my mind computes. Speedy.

I think fast, mostly. Often backwards. Usually upside-down. That's why I'm a cockeyed optimist.

Here's me at five at a friend's July 1953 birthday party.

Happy-looking, wasn't I?

The cute little blonde in the matching smocked dress is my three-year-old sister Elayne. My mother loved to dress us the same ~ like little dolls ~...
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"Coming Out Crazy" in Class…

I'm so happy.

President Barack Obama's nominee for Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan feels like my soul sister ~ her nickname "Shorty" ~ was my late father's during WWII as a RCAF/RAF navigator/bombardier flying Mosquitos. He won a DFC at 19. He was a war hero. He lived an heroic life.

Today, Ms. Kagan is my newest hero. Her biggest battles are ahead of her.

Best of all, I "came out" with pizazz to my first class of the term, this morning. A first for...
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Surviving By a Smile…*

I'm far from beautiful. With wrinkles, sun damage, creases, dark patches, oily spots, circles under my eyes. Grey-streaked black hair.

Weight-wise? A life-long yo-yo ~ big-time. With pictures to prove it. Under lock and key.

I was a beauty queen. The Toronto Star's "Most Beautiful Baby of 1949" ~ here's the winning photo.

Judge for

Now, six decades later, I've grown accustomed to my face. Naked. Wrinkles and all.

Gradually, I've stopped wearing make-up. I'm allergic to...
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Resilience ~ Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow*

What a day yesterday was!

Psych Central launched us. Coming Out Crazy settled into our new home joining an eclectic blogging community in a well-established 15-year-old landmark online neighbourhood.

(Wow! Does it ever get busy around here at 6:45 on a Tuesday morning. What traffic!)

My resilience is getting a workout these

I have an ideal nickname for our exquisite, titian-haired, Colorado-based editor, Jessica ~ our only editor.

She is Jessica the Great. I, on the other hand, am...
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