I’d like to welcome you to our new blog, “Coming Out Crazy” with Sandy Naiman. It’s a pleasure to have her join us here at Psych Central. With years of journalistic experience and mental health advocacy, this former Toronto Star blogger will engage us passionately in an ongoing dialogue on mental health issues from her perspective.

Sandy has lived with serious mental health issues since her adolescence, and began writing and speaking about it in 1998. She was on the staff of The Toronto Sun for more than 30 years. Since April 2008, she blogged for The Toronto Star-ownedHealthzone.ca” website about mental health issues and advocacy. Sandy speaks regularly at conferences on these same topics, and is well known as an engaging storyteller as she weaves her personal tales into the research of mental health policy.

The Toronto Star’s loss is our gain, and we are pleased and honored to host her blog, “Coming Out Crazy” here on Psych Central. Please give her a warm welcome!!