Chronic Pain

Helpful Things TO Say to Someone in Chronic Pain

Supporting someone in chronic pain can be difficult.  There is nothing that can be done to ease someone’s pain and sometimes, it leaves friends and family at a loss for words. There are no magic words or actions, but there are suggestions for things to say that could possibly help your loved one feel better.


An Overview of Depression


According to the NIMH depression affects over 21 million adults and adolescents in the United States and is the leading cause for people age 15-44 to be “disabled.”  Oddly enough, New Jersey has the third lowest incidence of depression when broken down by state (I have lived here all my life and find that a little hard to believe). The long and the short of it is that bad things happen to us and the ones...

Chronic Pain

What NOT to Say to Someone in Chronic Pain

An oldie but a goodie...since this was popular and this week has been very difficult due to dealing with oral surgeries, bereavement, etc., I am reblogging myself...This is the complete list with a lot of the comments added.

I will be the first to admit that living in chronic pain can make me a bit…sensitive.  I think when you live with pain or a disability, there is a tendency to think that people are judging you or criticizing you.  I often feel a sense of inferiority at not being able to do what women my age can do.  I also tend to feel there is a stigma attached to being chronically ill and, especially, to taking pain medication.

Through my discussions with fellow chronic pain sufferers and from my own experience, I have compiled a list of things that I am often told that people think are helpful, but for most of us, they are not.  I am cautious in how I state this because I know that most people mean well and really are trying to help.  I also know that after a couple of years living with this, many people feel they need to walk on eggshells with me.  I am sure no one wants their support system to feel that way, so here are some things I personally find less than helpful:

Chronic Pain

When Words of Encouragement Discourage

It is with a very heavy heart that I dedicate this post to my Uncle Fran, a man who lived his life in the most Christian way possible, who lived it to the fullest, who laughed often, loved much and was taken much too soon.

I spent the past two weeks in doctor’s offices.  I had about 8 appointments, including 4 dental visits in the past two weeks.  My whole body is...

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Awareness Month Comments

Last Week I started a campaign to raise awareness for Chronic Pain Awareness Month, which happens to be this month.  There are still a few days left in the months, so please, check out the post at - share it, tweet it, Facebook it!  Also, feel free to post the Chronic Pain Awareness Logo I created to show your support of raising awareness of Chronic Pain!

If you haven't posted your comments yet, I...


Pain and an Unfulfilled Life (i.e. You only get one)

I only get one life, one chance, and I don’t think I am doing a great job living it.  As I sit here feeling sad for so many reasons (not all of them selfish, as my family and I are dealing with a very heartbreaking situation right now), feeling as if I am failing at life, I am haunted by the notion that the one life I do have, is not fulfilling.  I usually...

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Awareness Month


September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month! As a therapist/social worker, and a someone who lives with chronic pain, September is my new favorite month. Some of us (and/or our loved ones) are dealing with Chronic Pain and/or disability on a daily basis. Sadly, our pain does not end come October 1.

I had an idea to get the readers and other bloggers involved to create awareness. I would like other readers and bloggers to...