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Chronic Pain Awareness Month

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September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month! As a therapist/social worker, and a someone who lives with chronic pain, September is my new favorite month. Some of us (and/or our loved ones) are dealing with Chronic Pain and/or disability on a daily basis. Sadly, our pain does not end come October 1.

I had an idea to get the readers and other bloggers involved to create awareness. I would like other readers and bloggers to share this post (if you don’t mind) and, if you would like your story included, please copy and paste the questions below and then answer them in the comments section. Please, if you do share this, try to get everyone to come back to this page so all the comments will be here.  My idea is to make this into one HUGE comments section on what we LIVE WITH on a daily basis, how we cope and what makes us special! Also, please feel free to include this Chronic Pain Awareness logo on your blog, Facebook page, etc., to let others know that you support Chronic Pain Awareness.

My hope is that by sharing our personal stories, we can create awareness of what it is actually like to live with Chronic Pain and share with each other how best to cope with it!  I did this last year on my personal blog and it worked out pretty well because it helped others learn more about each other, their conditions and how they coped.  It also helps people who do not live with chronic pain have a better understanding of what we do go through.

Please answer any of the following questions that you would like to share with the Chronic Pain Community:

  1. What condition(s) do you have that have led you to living with chronic pain? How long have you been living with this condition(s)?
  2. What do you want others to know about what it’s like to live with chronic pain? (i.e.- what is it that no one is saying about life with chronic pain? )
  3. Which philosophy do you ascribe to: Keep hoping that the pain will get better or learn to adapt to life with chronic pain?
  4. What do you miss the most that you feel you gave up/lost as a result of chronic pain? What do you do now to fill that void?
  5. What words of encouragement (or on the contrary what negative comments) have you heard from others that made you keep going despite the pain?
  6. Do you feel that people view/treat you differently? How so?
  7. What coping mechanisms have you tried that worked for you? Which ones did not work for you? (Traditional and Non-traditional)

*Disclaimer: I am not seeking personal medical information/  All information is completely voluntary and can be submitted anonymously if you wish to share without giving your name or information.  Information will not be used for purposes other than to help one another learn how we cope with chronic pain and hopefully raise awareness in the community of what it is like to live with chronic pain.

If you would like to have your information included, such as a blog address or email, just add it in, that way everyone can share their blogs, too!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your stories and advice with my readers!

Let’s work together to help one another!

Remember, you are not alone!

Chronic Pain Awareness Month

Tracy Rydzy MSW, LSW

My name is Tracy and I am a licensed social worker. I was working as a Social Worker, when an emergency spinal surgery 2 years ago changed my life and my career. I live with chronic pain and, as a result, I have taken my social work and writing skills, and made them into this blog. This blog is a humorous, informative, no-holds barred honest look at life with chronic pain, depression and disability.”

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