Chronic Illness? How To Handle Fatigue When You’re Weak And Overwhelmed

“You think you’re tired?”

How many times have you heard this? Frustrating isn’t it?

One of the primary symptoms I experience is fatigue. I’ve managed to live a productive life using pacing and energy conservation strategies. However, sometimes I’m struck down by extended periods of fatigue. At these times I still need to deal with the responsibilities of a house, family and friends. And I have other commitments to fulfill.


Chronic Illness? A Simple Guide To Booking Health Care Appointments

I really don’t like booking appointments! Maybe it's because I have to make so many of them or they are annoying reminders that I have chronic conditions.

But managing a chronic illness takes time and organization. Part of that management involves booking the appointment.

Since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2002 I’ve seen many changes in the health care system. Providers are busier. The hospital system is stressed. (My experiences are from a Canadian point of view) And the introduction of technology has both challenged and improved client services.


Dealing With the Stigma of Chronic Illness

Stigma a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.
English Oxford Living Dictionaries

When first diagnosed with fibromyalgia I had a hard time accepting life with an invisible illness. I’d been working as a community health nurse and witnessed first-hand the challenges that patients with chronic illnesses faced.


Chronic Illness: Newly Diagnosed And Learning How To Manage Pain?

Pain is ready, pain is waiting
Primed to do its’ educating    DEPECHE MODE, “Dream On”

Following a diagnosis of fibromyalgia in 2002 it took me a while to accept my circumstances and to make changes.

I’d been resistant, in spite of having the necessary knowledge to make my life better. But eventually I started to manage my symptoms and I felt a semblance of control.


Chronic Illness? Early Symptom Management Is Important

"And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”J. K. Rowling

In 2002 after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia I spent a month at the Fibromyalgia Day Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London Ontario.

One month later I returned home provided with information that I could use to manage my chronic illness. At least that was the plan.


Chronic Illness? Take Charge Of Your Health!

Why did I wait until things were a crisis before I acted?

After my diagnosis of fibro, I attended a one-month day program at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario for patients living with fibro. I was shown tools to manage my condition, but when I returned home it took me a while to put them into action. I waited until my life was a mess.