Why Do “Behavior” Kids Self Sabotage?

If you have a "behavior" kid, then you know what I mean when I call them behavior kids. I don't mean to say that they're defined by their negative behavior, but instead to say that their behaviors often drive the mood of not only their own days, but the days of their family members, as well. These are the kids who have to deal with disorders such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress...


Helping Kids Identify Where Their Negative Behaviors Are Coming From

How often do our kids act out without realizing why they're doing it or where it's coming from? If your kids are anything like mine, it's pretty much every time.

(Or maybe you have one of those magical children who come to you when they're upset and say, "Mom, I know I'm throwing a fit right now because I'm tired and hungry, but I can't seem to get myself under control. Can you help?")

It's usually easy...


The D.A.R.E. Program Is Missing the Biggest Piece in the Substance Abuse Puzzle

This week, I got to attend my oldest daughter's program at her public school. In case you didn't know, "" stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, and it's a short-term program that 10-12 year olds go through every year to learn about the negative effects of drug and alcohol use.

It's the same program I went through in late elementary school. It still uses the same songs, the same mascot, and the same message of...


Stop Responding to Your Kid’s Chaos With More Chaos

Some days, our kids act like sweet, little angels who make us love our jobs as and other days act like rabid squirrels who've eaten nothing but sugar. It's all about balance.

But on those days when they make us want to pull our hair out, we often respond to their behavior in ways that aren't helpful whatsoever. In fact, our behavior often amplifies the situation, making everything louder and more stressful.

Here some of...


What Is Trauma Bonding?

A few weeks ago, I rode on an airplane. There was an older woman sitting next to me, and every time the place jostled, I thought, "This lady and I are going to hold hands and die together."

Sort of laughable, sort of pathetic. Either way, I kept thinking about the bond we would share if we lived through the crashing of a plane together.

The technical term for the bond two humans build when they...


How Many of Those “Weird” Kids in School Were Actually on the Autism Spectrum?

Think back to your days in high school. Or maybe even middle school. Do you remember that one kid who wore strange clothes and made you feel uncomfortable when he or she trapped you in a conversation?

I remember several of those kids. I also remember them being made fun of for being "weird" or "creepy." They never really had friends, people generally avoided them, and everyone knew who they were.

This week, I had a moment of...


Kids Who Don’t Have “Volume” Buttons

The number of times a day I ask my youngest child to "turn down her volume" is ridiculous. She's so loud all the time, even when she doesn't need to talk over people.

Granted, this same child is the one who roars like a lion, howls like a wolf, and regularly runs in circles when she's excited. But still, the yelling is right?

Actually, for her age, the EXTREMELY LOUD TALKING is completely normal. Kids...