Why I Won’t Discourage My Kids From Inviting Homeless People Over

My kids and I were driving past the grocery store a few days ago when my youngest daughter asked, "Mommy, why is that guy standing there?" She was looking at the homeless man on the corner by the stop sign. I don't think she'd ever noticed a homeless person before, maybe because she was never tall enough to see out the window, maybe because she just now realized there are other people in the world besides...


My Little Girl Isn’t “Typical”

My three-year-old daughter isn't like most other three-year-old girls. It really isn't so much what she isn't that sets her apart, but what she is.

She's really, REALLY energetic. People often say she's like a little boy. (Don't get me started on gender stereotypes.)



Summer Break – I Think My Children Might Slap One Another to Death

My kids love each other to death. They're basically best friends ... during the school year.

But let me tell you, once summer break starts, they hate each other with a burning passion that rivals my own hatred for those nasty boogers that live in Kombucha. They yell at each other. Slap each other. Steal toys from each other.

This morning, I even saw one of them steal a pancake off the other's plate when she wasn't...