The Connection Between a Child’s Mental Health and a Mother’s Emotions During Pregnancy is Higher Than We Ever Realized

This month, I walked through some really heavy emotions with my seven-year-old daughter. Actually, I wouldn't call them emotions so much as I would call them a collective cloud of anxiety.

I have no desire to paint my kid into a box and say that she has a mental health disorder (nor do I have that qualification), but if experience in my own life is any indicator, I'd say that she probably does.

I have Generalized...


Why You Need to Have Your Emotions Sorted Out Before You Discipline

As humans, it's natural for us to feel stressed when things to don't out how we expected. It makes us feel out of control, scared of messing up, and frustrated that we have to put more effort into something.

When it comes to parenting, that's basically a full-time state of emotion. Nothing ever goes as we expect.

And when it does, we're shocked so we're still in a state of unpredictability. Oh, the irony.

However, when we...

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