Is My Child Acting Like Me? – An Ugly Behavior Mirror

Sometimes, we have no idea why our kids are misbehaving the way they are. Other times, we know exactly where their behavior is coming from and how to make it stop. And then occasionally, in those moments none of us really want to look at, we wonder if we're the actual culprits behind our children's behavior.

After all, we're ready and willing to take credit for the good stuff they do. Shouldn't we also take credit for...


Getting On the Same Page About How to Discipline Your Kids

Learning how to become an effective parent is one of the most difficult jobs we have. It's difficult just by itself, but it becomes even more so when the parents of a child disagree on disciplinary methods. Throw in the complications of blended families, stepparents, divorce, foster families, or children from different and you've got a recipe for so many parental arguments.

How do we get on the same page as our team members about how...


How the 8th Sense Affects a Child’s Emotional Experiences

The eighth sense? But I thought there were only five senses?

We teach kids in elementary school about the five senses--taste, touch, small, hearing, and sight--but there are actually more. The other three are just a bit harder to explain to a group of five year olds so most people don't know about them.

The other three "official" senses are 1) the sense of head movement in space, which utilizes the vestibular system, 2) the sense...


I Think My Daughter Has ADHD

There's a common misconception that ADHD is a disorder reserved for boys. And, to be honest, the world of modern diagnostics has not done a great job of reducing this misconception because girls still aren't being diagnosed as often as boys. Right now, boys are three times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girls are, even though there's no evidence to suggest that it's genetically a "male" disorder.

One of the biggest obstacles in diagnosing...


Using the “I Do, We Do, You Do” Method to Teach Kids Behavioral Concepts

In the world of education, teachers often use a method referred to as, "I do, we do, you do," to teach kids new concepts. It's pretty simple to understand and super effective to use.

First, I DO the new concept. I show you what it looks/sounds like to accomplish it.

Then, WE DO the new concept together. You try accomplishing it for the first time, and I'm there to guide you.

Lastly, YOU DO the new...


There’s No Such Thing As “Proper” Behavior

This week, I had to answer a series of questions about my philosophies about childhood behavior. I'm going through them in order write my teaching philosophy for a behavior classroom I'll be teaching in the fall.

And while I like to *think* I always have my opinions on childhood behavior nailed down to a science, it was still enlightening to have to really grind out my own thoughts throughout this process.

One of the best conclusions I...


Should Compliance Really Be the Goal of Childhood Behavior?

Compliance is a word that's used constantly in the world of behavior. We write about it in school IEPs, we use it as a goal when students have behavioral episodes, and we collect data on how often it does and doesn't occur. Even in personal interactions with kids, such as with our own children at home, we often place a more significant weight on compliance than we do decision-making.

"Listen and obey," we tell them. "Do...


Kids Who Survived Joplin Tornado, Now Living Through Covid-19

Nine years ago, the city I live in was hit by the deadliest tornado in American history. It was an EF-5 tornado nearly a mile wide, and it traveled across the entire city from west to east. It killed 158 people, injured thousands, and damaged the property of nearly every person I knew.

For years afterward, the tornado affected each day of Joplinites' lives in some way or another - so much so that it seemed...


Why Aren’t Kids Pumped About This Time Off From School?

I work in a school, which means that when I first got the notification about spring break being extended, I was ECSTATIC. Obviously, the fact that I could feel any excitement at all shows how fully I didn't understand the magnitude of what was happening around the world.

Out of this ignorance, when I told my kids we'd be out of school an extra week, I told them with a smile on my face and dance...