Kids Who Have Siblings With Behavior Disorders NEED Time Away

Have you ever been standing right next to a fire engine when its horn started to blare? Or a police car when its sirens flipped on? Or a tornado siren when it sounded the alarm?

No? Well, this is the continual reality for a lot of kids who have siblings with behavioral disorders. They live life alongside a blaring siren twenty-four hours a day.

Can you imagine how that would feel?

Initially, the siren would catch...


You Need to Know Your “Button” In Parenting

Every parent has a hot button that gets pushed whenever a *certain* behavior happens. What's yours? What's that one behavior that just throws you over the edge, every time you see it?

It's important to know what your hot button is because once it's pushed, your emotional control slips and you start to function out of emotion rather than logic. It's that feeling of discomfort and annoyance, deep inside your chest, that you can't seem to...


Behavior Hangover: Why Kids Suck After Christmas Break

As a kid, I thought Christmas break was the greatest two weeks of my life. As an adult, I've grown to be quite terrified of the whole season.

Sure, I love the warmth and the family time and the celebrations.

But you know what I hate? The endless stream of candy. The skipping of bedtimes. The pajamas that get worn for two straight days. The spoiling of kids that is supposed to only be one or...