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Childhood Behavioral Concerns: How to Stop Whining in Its Tracks

I love so many things about my children, but there are definitely some things I could live without. Whining is one of those things.

Every time I hear one of my kids say, "I want some candyyyyyyyyyy," with a nasally voice, I feel my skin crawl. It's just such an ungrateful, entitled way to talk. Or it's a dramatization of undesirable circumstances.

Either way, it raises my blood pressure.

So about six months ago, I decided we were done with...
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Nagging Isn’t Necessary: How to Improve a Child’s Behavior Without It

Sometimes we convince ourselves that the only way we can get our kids to do anything is to ask them over and over and over again.

In other nagging.

Here's the thing about nagging, though. Every time you do it, you teach your kid(s) that you'll do it the next time, too.

Why would I obey the first time if mom/dad is going to remind me again in two minutes?
I don't need to follow instructions right now because...
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If You Don’t Address Their Behaviors When They’re Little…

I spent a year and a half working with teenagers who were placed in a group home for various reasons. We had eight boys living with us at one time, and my husband and I spent all of our time trying to rewire their thought process by teaching them new life skills. Some of the boys who lived with us were there as a placement between jail and home. Others were there because a psychiatric facility decided...
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