“My kids ignore me until I’m yelling and angry.” – Here’s What To Do

The number of times I've heard parents say, "My kids ignore me until I'm yelling and angry," is astronomical. I've even said it myself. But you know what? The ball is totally in our court when it comes to getting our kids to listen.

When I start to feel like my kids aren't obeying right away, I know it's because I've given them the option to. This week, that's exactly what I've experienced. And I know,...


Why Sports Are So Important For Behavioral Development

It probably goes without saying that sports are usually a healthy activity for children to be a part of, but a lot of times our kids end up on sports teams with other children who are really, really difficult to interact with.

For me, the tough kids to deal with are the bullies.
For some people, the tough kids to deal with are the space cadets who won't pay attention.
For others, it's a struggle to deal with kids...


The Difference Between a Consequence and a Punishment

This is probably only because I've been in the field of behavior modification for several years, but the word "punishment" kind of makes my skin crawl. People often use it in place of the word "consequence," not meaning anything harmful by it, but it really is an important difference.

Here's the difference.

A consequence is the reaction that comes after an action. It can be a natural consequence, such as scraping your knee after jumping off the porch...


The Connection Between a Child’s Mental Health and a Mother’s Emotions During Pregnancy is Higher Than We Ever Realized

This month, I walked through some really heavy emotions with my seven-year-old daughter. Actually, I wouldn't call them emotions so much as I would call them a collective cloud of anxiety.

I have no desire to paint my kid into a box and say that she has a mental health disorder (nor do I have that qualification), but if experience in my own life is any indicator, I'd say that she probably does.

I have Generalized...