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When You’re Not Sure If They Can

I spent time with a friend this week who has a little boy who seems a different than his peers. He loves to play and be silly and climb on things, like every other boy I know, but he tends to take things a step (or two) further than his peers.

Whereas most kids have to be taught the same lesson a couple times before they really understand it, he usually has to be taught the lesson...
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The Negative Effects of Technology on Childhood Behavior

Almost every child in America right now has grown up in a world doused with technology. We’ve all heard the common concerns about how this affects a child’s upbringing—eyesight, attention span, emotional safety, personal boundaries, etc.—but fewer people recognize the effect technology has on behavior.

Not only does it affect the behavior of children, but it also affects the behavior of adults, which, in turn, changes the parenting and teaching that children experience.

One of the most prevalent...
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How to Motivate the Unmotivated Child

What are you afraid of?



Going bankrupt?

Getting cancer?

Disappointing people? Close your eyes and really think about that for a moment. What would you really run away from? What pops into your mind when you think about being afraid?

Now, think about what you love. What do you run toward?

Is it money? Respect? Relationships? Good food? Jesus?

There are a million answers to either of those questions, but what I really want you to evaluate is this. Are you more...
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“Difficult” Behavior in Children — How Much Is Too Much?

When I worked as a house parent of a group home, a lot of people said to me [after finding out what I did] things like, “Oh, you take care of difficult kids? I’ll go ahead and send mine over to you, then. Haha.”

They would laugh, and I would politely smile, but I didn’t find it particularly funny.

I mean, I get what they were trying to say.

They were trying to commend me for...
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