Character Strengths

3 Tips to Begin Living Life to the Fullest

Are you coasting through life or flourishing? Unfortunately, most people are not flourishing. That’s a disappointing fact. The majority of people are languishing—going through the motions of life, not feeling very strong mentally, and not feeling they have many strong connections with others. In other words, most people are not functioning at their best.

Character Strengths

Be Kind To Yourself

In a previous post I discussed heartfulness as it relates to interpersonal relationships-- bringing kindness and compassion to others. But, now let's explore the equally important task of using  heartfulness intrapersonally- giving kindness and compassion back to yourself.

Character Strengths

Following Your Heart

Sometimes we are faced with decisions and our heart and our mind don't agree on the correct course of action. So, in these instances- do you follow your heart or your head? What does it mean to act with heartfulness?

I define heartfulness as the...