Character Strengths

A Few New Mindfulness Activities

The mindful pause is a strategy I introduced last year. It relies on tapping into your natural strengths right away.  It can be very effective and has just two simple steps:

1.) Take 15 seconds to feel your inhale and exhale.

2.) Think to yourself: Which of my character strengths might I bring forth right now?

Why use The Mindful Pause?

This approach clears the dust of your autopilot mind and opens you to see your inner potential. It short-circuits your autopilot mind and brings you to the experience of the present...

Character Strengths

Do You Have Trouble Making Decisions?

I recently sat down with a client after she took the VIA Survey using my VIA professional link. I set-up the link so she did not receive her free Character Strengths Profile after completing the survey because I wanted to reveal her strengths to her in our session together. It ended up being a very eye-opening experience for her and for me as her coach! Discussing her strengths opened new opportunities for us to explore around decision-making. Here's how the conversation went:

“That is...

Character Strengths

When Grit Falls Short

Special Guest Blogger: Robert McGrath, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, VIA Institute on Character

"Grit" seems to be the latest buzzword in character education; and has recently garnered more attention with the publication of Angela Duckworth’s Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, which was declared an Amazon best seller even before it was published. The result has been a rush to target perseverance and passion as goals in school systems across the country.