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Doesn’t Matter Your Political Party – All Are Stressing Us Out

How do we manage this stress? We should look to our strengths.

The future of America is a significant source of stress for most citizens, a new study by the American Psychological Association finds.

The survey reviewed the most common stress-management tools that Americans are currently using. I highlight these tools and weave in suggestions for using your character strengths to help you make the most of the strategy:

Exercising or walking: a great way to use your strength of zest, and also your appreciation of beauty for...
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Character Strengths

Do You Have Trouble Making Decisions?

I recently sat down with a client after she took the VIA Survey using my VIA professional link. I set-up the link so she did not receive her free Character Strengths Profile after completing the survey because I wanted to reveal her strengths to her in our session together. It ended up being a very eye-opening experience for her and for me as her coach! Discussing her strengths opened new opportunities for us to explore around decision-making. Here's how the conversation went:

“That is...
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