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Character Strengths

A Few New Mindfulness Activities

The mindful pause is a strategy I introduced last year. It relies on tapping into your natural strengths right away.  It can be very effective and has just two simple steps:

1.) Take 15 seconds to feel your inhale and exhale.

2.) Think to yourself: Which of my character strengths might I bring forth right now?

Why use The Mindful Pause?

This approach clears the dust of your autopilot mind and opens you to see your inner potential. It short-circuits your autopilot mind and brings you to the experience of the present...
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Character Strengths

10 Tried-and-True Happiness Boosters

In a previous post I shared the top 10 most unpopular strategies for boosting happiness. In this post I'll review the most popular and widely used happiness interventions. These have repeatedly shown to be successful in both research and practice. If you work with clients, students or employees you'll benefit from these favored strategies!
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