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Archives for October, 2012

Character Strengths

What are the Character Strengths of Obama & Romney?

Who is more curious – Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Is it Romney or Obama who is perceived to be more brave, more honest, or more creative?

Who’s the stronger team-player: Joe Biden or Paul Ryan?

Each of the strengths noted are important attributes of our character. What do you think? Let your voice be heard - nominate the strengths of each candidate at the VIA Presidential Caucus poll.
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Character Strengths

The Strengths Junkie Plays Chess

I’m a bit of a “strengths” junkie. I study character strengths. I read about them, e-mail about them, teach and write about them, and study them. It seems that I’m thinking about character strengths much of the time – which one’s I’m using, how strengths work together, how they can hurt me, and how they can help me be my best.

So, it was no surprise when my mind started rattling off the character strengths I...
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