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Archives for May, 2012

Character Strengths

Mental Health: Thinking, Feeling & Acting From Your Strengths

What does curiosity feel like?
What does bravery think like?
What does humility look like?

Mental health is about thinking, feeling and behaving in healthy ways. We can improve our mental health by widening the way we use our strengths of character. Each of our character strengths –creativity, judgment, zest, teamwork, hope – are actually capacities for thinking, feeling and behaving.

We spend a lot of our waking moments being consumed with...
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Character Strengths

A Mother’s Day Challenge

Holidays are catalysts for character strengths.

Each holiday poses a special opportunity to awaken us from our slumber and activate one or more strengths.  It seems that in the , the culture collectively turns its attention to a particular strength each holiday. Consider the following:

Thanksgiving – gratitude
Christmas/Hanukkah – kindness/generosity and for some, spirituality
Easter (, the weeks leading up to it) – self-regulation
4th of July – zest
New Years Day – hope

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Character Strengths

Weight Management: Strengths and Mindfulness are Missing Pieces to the Puzzle

What are the ingredients of successful weight loss?

What have you been missing or not considering?

There are plenty of quick fixes for weight loss. Just about any weight loss program, diet, or trick will work. Yes, it’s true. But this is temporary. The vast majority of individuals gain their weight back – and often they become heavier than their original weight.

By far, the biggest challenge in losing weight is maintenance. Keeping weight off is quite...
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Character Strengths

Strengths of the Heart & Mind and Other Strengths Topics

“I’ve taken a strengths test, now what do I do?”

“I work with employees (or students or clients) and I want to help them tap into their strengths, what’s the next step?”

These are the most common questions the VIA Institute receives about strengths from people around the world. The VIA Institute has taken so many steps to thoroughly answer these questions that they are becoming moot. VIA offers a staggering amount of resources on strengths:...
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