Character Strengths

Boost Happiness With A Dreaded Chore

I’ve always avoided watering my yard, outdoor plants, trees, anything. For decades (literally) my sprinklers have rested comfortably in the dust of my garage. My preconception of yard and tree watering was that it was tedious and uninteresting. So I always avoided it and...

Character Strengths

Interested in Reaching Your Optimal Mental Health? Read On…

Researchers and theorists have discovered six core themes that contribute to healthy psychological functioning. In the post below, I'll discuss these themes and also provide advice from real people on how character strengths play a role in each of these pathways.

1.) Environmental mastery

What it means: You manage a variety of life situations well. You create situations that match your strengths, needs, and values.

Liam’s story: “My family is always busy doing something – activities, traveling, having fun outside. We do things that...

Character Strengths

Building A More Mindful Society

Mindfulness retreats with world renowned meditation expert and teacher Thich Nhat Hanh (referred to as “Thay,” which is Vietnamese for “teacher”) always include a question and answer session. Participants are invited to pose a question to the wise teacher to get his advice and guidance. Typically,...

Character Strengths

5 Tips To Get More Out Of Your Life

One of the definitions of "flourishing" is to be in one's prime state, at the height of excellence. But, for many people, this is far from reality.

Good news though, recent research is pointing to new ways you can increase your odds of flourishing.

The founder...