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Mental Illness Awareness Week Face to Face

Face-to-Face with Sandra Yuen Mackay

- A Vancouver woman who has schizoaffective disorder is profiled in a video produced for Mental Illness Awareness Week Canada 2012 (September 30 - October 6).

Sandra Yuen Mackay is an artist and author chosen as one of the campaign's Faces of Mental Illness 2012. She wrote a memoir ("My Schizophrenic Life") about living with the disorder, and she shares tips on how she has learned to cope, including using the Wellness Recovery...
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Recovery is Possible


A short student documentary about Vancouver author and artist Sandra Yuen MacKay. She has schizoaffective disorder and asserts, "Despite having a mental illness, I thrive on life." In this video she and her family talk about her art, advocacy and public speaking, why she wrote a memoir, and the ultimate message that recovery is...
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