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Lisa Kudrow and Abby Baird on the Teen Brain

Lisa Kudrow interviews fellow Vassar College alum and psychology professor Abby Baird about her work researching the development of the adolescent brain, in "The Teenage Brain."

A lively and amusing interview intended for a lay audience, recorded at a public From The Pub event. Kudrow is funny as ever but proves she is smarter than people realize, and Abby Baird is just as fun. Although this is a long interview on scientific topics, their witty banter makes it easy...
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Neuro Romance

Big Think Interview with Helen Fisher

Neuroanthropologist Helen Fisher talks about love, human behaviour, and the brain systems behind it. In this in-depth interview, she discusses the drive to love, casual sex, cheating and recovery from cheating, what makes us attracted to someone, and the age-old question, "What is love?" Is her research unromantic? Describing the chemicals in roses doesn't make them any...
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