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ADHD Animation

ADHD and Me

Children's voices come to life in animation as they describe symptoms of ADHD and what it's like to have treatment.

The VOICES (Voices On Identity, Childhood, Ethics & Stimulants) study involved 150 children in the United States and the United Kingdom. The film uses clips from the actual interviews with the children. They describe what it's like to take Ritalin, how they feel, and what improvements they experience. It also describes downsides. Stigma is another issue tackled.

The film...
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Cognitive Enhancement Debate

[U Mich library graffiti. Image by ]

A Better Brain: The Ethics of Neuro-enhancement

The neuroethics of cosmetic psychopharmacology. Four hypothetical situations (with real parallels) are debated by major thinkers on a panel at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism: a person who wants to take a drug for narcolepsy to stay awake in order to work more, a parent considering giving their child a psych med to help with social skills,...
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Encephalon 73 with Videos

Welcome to 73rd edition of the Encephalon brain blog carnival. Unlike when I hosted the videotastic 47th edition, there were no video submissions this time. Instead, I've linked to relevant video extras for each text contribution.

The Neurocritic shares two epic, provocative posts.

Is CBT Worthless? "A meta-analysis of published studies on cognitive behavioral therapy concluded that this method of psychotherapy is not helpful for those with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and any improvements seen in major depression are rather small. Articles to rebut this...
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