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Developing Learning

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Alison Gopnik

On infant learning, connectionism, philosophy, and cognitive science. Learning and representation, applications in computing and developmental psychology and the role of probablistic modeling. What knowledge is innate and what is learned from environment? Experiments show powerful results, and Gopnik reveals how previously opposed views can actually support one another. Interviewed at CogSci 2010: Cognition in...
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Wakeful Orcas

[Image by BarnyardBBS.]

Postpartum Sleep in Whales and Dolphins

A random brief video: wakefulness in newborn cetaceans and mothers, accompanying a Brief Communication published in Nature, 2005 (PDF). "…unilateral or bilateral eye closure was almost never (for less than of 24 h) observed in dolphin mothers during the first 2 months postpartum." 24 hr video surveillance confirmed human observations of the mothers keeping a near-continuous eye on offspring....
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