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Never-Treated Mood Disorders

title Structural and functional brain changes in patients with never treated mood disorders
description At the MHA 2008 Research Colloquium, Dr. MacQueen speaks about cognitive deficits that accompany never treated mood disorders, how they impact on education, and touches on some long-term consequences ( she says low education is a bigger predictor of heart attack than lipids, cholesterol and smoking combined!) of ignoring the problem. She discusses both structural...
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title Math Anxiety 101
description Learning about learning: ENGAMMETRON is the work of the Educational Neuroscience Group for Research into Affect and Mentation / in Mathematics Education (ENGRAM/ME) at Simon Fraser University. Experiments combine EEG with eye tracking, heart rate, breathing rate, skin conductance, and blinking and pupillary responses. . A Canadian educational TV show profile of the lab, with excellent editing.
producer Knowledge Network
featuring Nova Ami, Stephen Campbell,...
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Memory Mechanisms

title Mechanisms of Memory-Guided Behavior in Prefrontal Cortex, Entorhinal Cortex and Hippocampus
description A lecture on the physiological mechanisms of memory using both computational modelling of neurons and behavioural analysis, in rats. Close captioned.
producer National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
featuring Michael E. Hasselmo,
format Real Video
date 24/10/05
length 01:01:27
direct video link
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title Dementia: Myths versus Realities
description "See why dementia is often misunderstood in our society. What are the common causes, symptoms and treatment options for those living with the condition?" General audience target but with specifics, and fairly good production values. Hosted by the Research Channel, which now offers video and audio podcasts and downloads of the programs it curates. Subscribe to subject or series.
producer Stanford University Medical...
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Art and Memory

title Memory Map
description Interactive art installation video, with memories recorded and mapped to audio in physical space. "Memory Map is a kind an electronic dance in which spoken memories and their movement in physical space become the principal performers. It explores issues of the physical mapping of conceptual space and the use of 3-D sound which should be of interest both to the art and interface research communities."...
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