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Solving Homelessness

The Here At Home web documentary explores the mental health and homelessness research project At Home/Chez Soi. It's a five-site study that has housed about 1000 homeless participants with mental health issues, using the Housing First philosophy of providing services along with immediate housing rather than requiring people to access services before qualifying for housing. People receive rent subsidies or congregate housing along with mental health services delivered by either an outreach Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team or Intensive...
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Safe Injection Site

[Image by sillygwailo.]

title Staying Alive
description An episode of investigative journalism TV show The Fifth Estate about InSite, a safe injection site in Vancouver's bleak Downtown Eastside. Dr. Gabor Mate, who works in the detox/treatment component of the harm reduction program, sums up why people who have suffered abuse and/or mental illness get mired in cycles of addiction. Stress triggers relapse, while marginalization, stigma and homelessness make it worse. "We've...
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Go Carts Go


title Carts of Darkness
description Documentary about homeless bottle collectors (binners) who race shopping carts down mountains. Issues involving fetal alcohol syndrome, addictions, and other psychosocial and legal matters.
producer Murray Siple, National...
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