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Basics of Emotions in an Animation

"Alfred and Shadow" is a short animation about Alfred the owl, his Shadow, and the emotions he experiences.

An easily digestible film, it shares the basics about types of emotions, and their functions. Shame, fear, sadness, anger, disgust, happiness, and surprise are described as well as how to cope with those feelings.

Good advice (including therapeutic skills) and good education in a neat video...
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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Video Toolkit

A toolkit consisting of a series of seven videos, with accompanying worksheets and information, on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Starting with the ABC model of human thought, the course teaches simple methods of altering thoughts based on mindfulness, and ways of cultivating happiness with kindness.

The five minute video and PDF on rumination are especially good, outlining eleven practical steps to stopping the cycle, and the mindfulness meditation overview is great.

The self-professed...
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Developing Learning

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Alison Gopnik

On infant learning, connectionism, philosophy, and cognitive science. Learning and representation, applications in computing and developmental psychology and the role of probablistic modeling. What knowledge is innate and what is learned from environment? Experiments show powerful results, and Gopnik reveals how previously opposed views can actually support one another. Interviewed at CogSci 2010: Cognition in...
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