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Biomarker Brain Scans for Treatment Types

In a small study from Helen Mayberg and colleagues at Emory University, depressed participants were randomized to either a medication or CBT, and underwent PET scans before treatment.

Then the scans were analyzed to see if they were predictive of treatment response. The goal was to find a biomarker in order to determine in advance who will respond better to which type of treatment.

However, as The Neurocritic points out, often people respond to a combination of both psychotherapy...
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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Video Toolkit

A toolkit consisting of a series of seven videos, with accompanying worksheets and information, on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Starting with the ABC model of human thought, the course teaches simple methods of altering thoughts based on mindfulness, and ways of cultivating happiness with kindness.

The five minute video and PDF on rumination are especially good, outlining eleven practical steps to stopping the cycle, and the mindfulness meditation overview is great.

The self-professed...
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Encephalon 73 with Videos

Welcome to 73rd edition of the Encephalon brain blog carnival. Unlike when I hosted the videotastic 47th edition, there were no video submissions this time. Instead, I've linked to relevant video extras for each text contribution.

The Neurocritic shares two epic, provocative posts.

Is CBT Worthless? "A meta-analysis of published studies on cognitive behavioral therapy concluded that this method of psychotherapy is not helpful for those with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and any improvements seen in major depression are rather small. Articles to rebut this...
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

[Image by PTRA]


Television channel A&E's new series on obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is engrossing. I watched three episodes and was impressed by how close they got to people who normally hide their symptoms; both the sensitivity of the producers and bravery of the subjects. But while it does shine as the best of TV in some ways, it also carries its worst tendencies. Disorders that have tormented people for decades are...
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POSSESSED from Martin Hampton on Vimeo.

Compulsive hoarding is displayed in this acclaimed British video depicting three sufferers in their homes. The video revealed the often-hidden effects of the illness,...
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Sleep Disorders

[Image: top row shows brain activity during a math task with adequate sleep, while the bottom row shows the same task performed under sleep deprivation. Via Prof. J. Christian Gillin, in NeuroReport 1999. Read more.]

title Health Matters: Sleep Disorders
description "Sleep disorders are a major public health concern affecting millions of individuals, families, and communities on a daily basis. We are a chronically overtired country, which often...
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