Evolutionary Psychology

Title: Stephen Pinker interviewed by Robert Wright
Description: In-depth interview focussing on evolutionary psychology, but he also discusses his hairstyle.
Producer: Slate
Featuring: Stephen Pinker
Format: embedded Windows Media and RealMedia
Date: 2006
Length: 00:59:03

Brain Development

A bit more serious than a singing cartoon mouse:

Title: Brain Development
Description: "UCSD cognitive scientist Joan Stiles reveals the latest understandings about the intricate relationship between biology and external influences in the development of the brain."
Producer: UCSD-TV
Featuring: Joan Stiles


The Science of Love part 1

The Lowdown vlog features a Valentine's video on basics of the neurochemistry of love A very popular Valentine's story (now on par with the neurochemistry of chocolate canard), this is a videoblogging take on it. It's hip and fresh to do a vlog on...


Mapping Perception

Today, a short sci-art film.

Title: Mapping Perception
Description: "MAPPING PERCEPTION examines the limits of human perception through an investigation of impaired brain function [Joubert Syndrome], making visible the connections between scientific and artistic explorations of the human condition, probing the thin membrane between the able and the disabled."
Producer: "Giles Lane, curator and producer (Proboscis), Andrew Kötting, the acclaimed director of Gallivant and This...

Channel N for Neuro

Welcome to Channel N. Each post spotlights one educational video webcast. Today's pick:

Title: Neuroethics: The ethics of brain research
Description: "The rapid pace of brain research points towards new ways to understand the brain and ourselves. New treatments for brain disorders...