First Nations, Metis, & Rural HEADSTRONG Summit

The first First Nations, Métis and Rural HEADSTRONG Summit for youth mental health was hosted in October by the Mental Health Commission of Canada in Calgary, Alberta.

 This short video encapsulates the event's activities. Youth attending get inspired and inspire after presentations by elders, celebrities, and peers about mental health, wellness, and indigenous culture and identity.
Future events...


Successful Valentine Campaign by IMAlive

This year, I was invited to be a part of a special Valentine's campaign for people without partners.  #ThereIsAlwaysMe was created by crisis chat site IMAlive, and promoted by PostSecret, @unsuicide, Torrey DeVitto, Jennifer Niven, and Kevin Brooks.

This short video shows highlights from the campaign results. People shared notes with inspiring messages to be found by strangers in schools, hospitals, and more, and then shared photos of...


Eating Disorders Are Not A Choice

This excellent short video compiling interviews with people affected by eating disorders as well as clinicians, drives home the point that eating disorders are not a choice.

The well-produced video made by Sheena's Place, a Toronto eating disorders support centre, also makes the point that eating disorders affect a diverse range of people of all ages, genders, and sizes.

This is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, a good time to share...


The Rise of Online Counselling

In the Shrink Rap Radio podcast, on a YouTube video, an episode delves into online counselling. Podcast host psychiatrist Roy interviews Clay Cockrell from the Online Counselling Directory and podcast.

The benefits and ethics of online counselling are established, and Cockrell, an expert in e-health, talks about the current status of the field and its future, and how more and more therapists are using the technology in their practices. Their clients are asking them to, for the convenience...


Inspiring Instructions for a Bad Day

"Instructions for a Bad Day" is a spoken word poem by Shane Koyczan, in a video produced by the Pink Shirt Day Student Collaboration, a high school anti-bullying initiative. 
This inspiring and creative project combines Koyczan's powerful reading with a visual narrative set in a high school. Using simple special effects, the...


Study Confirms Pets Benefit Mental Health

A new scientific study published in the BioMedCentral Psychiatry journal confirms what many people already knew intuitively: people with mental illness benefit from pet ownership. This short animated video explains the findings.

The helpful nature of pets includes providing routine, exercise, and acceptance. Those surveyed rated their pets in a primary role of social importance and support. Dogs, cats, birds, and hamsters were all valuable as animal companions.

The journal article is...


Guided Meditation Video For Coping With Grief

This comforting guided meditation video by Jason Stephenson includes soothing music and his calm voice guiding you through a process of coping with grief.

"Now is the time to focus on healing, not dogma," he says, reassuring us that this approach isn't about beliefs about afterlife, but instead a focus on our present emotions and honouring our loved ones.

With all the losses 2016 has brought, so many celebrities passing on...


Well-being As A Skill

  In this short lecture video, Richard Davidson, founder of the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, talks about the four constituents of well-being and how we can practice it as a skill.

Neuroplasticity, or the brain's ability to adapt and learn, responds to life events and helps us grow. By practicing four components our brains and our wellness can improve.

Resilience in recovery from adversity is part of well-being...


Opinions About People With Mental Illness

Here's a summertime video shot in Allan Gardens, Toronto, to remind you of warmer weather and warm you up a little in winter.

In it, consumer/survivor Suzanne Feldman interviews people in the park to ask them their opinions about mental health and how they view people with mental illness in their community.

It's encouraging to see that those interviewed support respect, diversity, social integration, and improving mental health services. Social attitudes have...


Quick Shoulder Stretches Release Stress

Body and mind are connected, and one of the places we most feel the impact of stress and anxiety is in our shoulders. Our muscles tense up and so do we.

In this short video from Yoga Journal, we learn beginner techniques for 4 shoulder stretches, that can be performed sitting down. They are easy to do, and feel great. They provide a refreshing break.

By stopping to breathe, do a mindful...