Tips on Coping with Emotions at Work

In this short video clip from the Chrissy B. Show, the UK's only TV show focussed on mental health and wellbeing topics, Chrissy shares tips on how to handle difficult emotions in the workplace.

In "Too Emotional at Work? Here's 5 Ways to Cope" Chrissy gets straight to it and goes over five practical, useful tips for better mental health in the workplace.

She starts with the basics of self-care - nutrition,...


Healthier Sleep for Bipolar Disorder

Victoria Maxwell stars in this short video filled with useful tips to develop healthier sleep habits, important in the management of bipolar disorder.

This video was made by the bipolar research group at UBC in Vancouver, a collaborative group of researchers, clinicians, and people with lived experience like Victoria.

has also compiled a resource page about sleep and bipolar which is a helpful companion to the video, with lots...


Coping With Triggering News On Child Sex Abuse

In this podcast discussion that lasts just over an hour, Trauma Recovery Coaches Athena Moberg and Bobbi Parish talk about strategies for coping when triggering news is published in social media or mass media.

For child sexual abuse (CSA) survivors, terrible triggers can come up unexpectedly in news feeds. It's important to know how to deal with these triggers as they happen, with effective self-care methods and reaching out to...


Clearing Up Misconceptions about PTSD

In this short video, Dr. Suzanne McGarity, a Clinical Research Psychologist working at the Rocky Mountain MIRECC for Suicide Prevention, clears up some common misconceptions about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and veterans.

Some of the myths she challenges are about symptoms, while others are about suicide, or recovery.

In only a couple of minutes of viewing this YouTube video, you can learn quite a few facts about a disorder that is sometimes...


Being Happier Being Yourself

PartumLove host Rosemae Aristomene interviews a man on the street about his challenges in life and how he overcame them.

In this inspiring brief YouTube video, Kemar (a part time model) talks about how he came to believe "being me was good enough" and to have confidence to be himself, and how this has made him happier.

A chance meeting on camera bringing a glimpse at a way to live well.


Lady Gaga and Prince William Fight Stigma

A short Skype conversation between pop star Lady Gaga and British royalty Prince William was recorded and shared as part of the #OKtoSay mental health anti-stigma campaign.

In the conversation Lady Gaga talks about her own mental health issues and they discuss what it means to share how she feels with the world (she also wrote an open letter describing her struggles). Prince William, along with wife Duchess Catherine, and his...


Dancing Through Life with Bipolar

A short video portrait of Audley, a Montreal man living well with bipolar disorder.

He talks about what has helped in his recovery journey, including fitness, and he works as a personal trainer and fitness class instructor.

Audley also mentions one of the benefits of volunteering, which is that nonprofit organizations appreciate all volunteers regardless of mental health diagnosis.

An inspiring look at a vivacious...