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How To Know if a Self-Help Book is Good or Bad

Self Help Books: How Can You Tell Which Ones Are Good?

A vodcast from The Psych Files about how to spot a dubious psychology self-help book. Examples include outlandish claims that lack evidence, relying only on testimonials, unfalsifiable statements, oversimplifying (eg. "happiness is a choice"), lack of references & citations, mushy things that are not measurable (eg. the so-called "law of abundance"), blaming the victim, hiding behind quotes from famous people, ordinary advice in flowery language, sales pitches, misrepresenting psychology,...
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Video Game Violence Research

[Image by Jono Rotten.]
Violent Video Games: What Does the Research Say?

A video podcast (vodcast) on the topic of video game violence research, comparing two recent studies to do with desensitization and performance. Accessible presentation with lots of slides, links, refs and background info as well; a good comprehensive production from The Psych...
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Improving Child Cognition

[Image by RIPizzo]

Cognitive Control in Young Children and Ways to Improve It

Adele Diamond of UBC speaking in California about cognitive control in young children. This public lecture was presented for a general audience after a more technical talk for professionals, Prefrontal Cortex and Developmental Neuropsychology: Genetic and Environmental Influences (01:24:05). Both are available at the link below. There's also a PDF 
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Complex Vision

[Image by focusforward.]

title Vision and the Brain: Unseen Complexities
description Visual perception, in part 1, and part 2. From the Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lectures series (subscribe to RSS vodcast, or audio podcast).
producer University of Washington, via Research Channel
featuring Scott Murray, Melvyn A. Goodale, Steve Buck
format mpeg4, wmv, mov, mp3
date 03/07/07
length 00:51:42 and 00:57:57
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Learning from Suicide

[Image: The Suicide by Edouard Manet.]

title Suicidal Individuals: Evaluation, Therapies, and Ethics – Part 2
description Human subjects and ethics in research, and the problem of high risk suicidal people being excluded from studies (eg. drug trials). From the great Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lecture series, vodcast on the Research Channel.
producer University of Washington
featuring Marsha Linehan
format wmv, mpeg4, Quicktime
date 28/02/07
length 00:57:37
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Remembering Bebe

title Global Lens Interviews Bebe Moore Campbell
description The successful author discusses her novel 72 Hour Hold, her experience with depression, and NAMI activism. Part 1 and Part 2 here (download the MPEG4s, there's something wrong with the vodcast links). I'm presenting these videos to celebrate July 2008 as Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month (as officially proclaimed in America)....
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Drosophila Operant Learning

title Operant learning of Drosophila at the torque meter
description A new pubcast at the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), Issue 16, explaining procedures used for experiments in operant conditioning and Drosophila (fruit flies). Indexed into eight sections, with accompanying text in HTML and PDF. doi:
producer Bjoern Brembs, Department of Neurobiology, Free University of Berlin and JoVE
featuring Dr. Bjoern Brembs
format Flash (in JoVE Video Player )
date 16/06/08
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Paranoid Thoughts

[Image: a still from the simulation, this female avatar is programmed to look up at you if you look at her long enough.]

title Paranoia on the Tube
description A video press release by Daniel Freeman on his research using VR avatars to simulate social conditions on London's tube, or subway, and finding that nearly a third of participants had some self-reported paranoid thoughts. Predictors included inflexible thinking and anxiety....
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PTSD Panorama

[Image by Ilona Meagher]

title PTSD: When Remembering Hurts
description Discussion of the many presentations of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), with lots of statistics and neurobiological/neuropsychiatric research. Dr. Stein is Professor of Psychiatry at UCSD and Scientific Director, Center for Stress and Mental Health, VA San Diego Health Care System. (There's also another video at Channel N with Dr. Stein, he was a guest on UCTV's Health Matters discussing Social Anxiety Disorder.)...
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