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Archives for Vintage

Operant Conditioning

title Operant Conditioning
description Pioneering behavioural psychologist Skinner talking about gambling, reinforcement and free will in a short video clip from an unidentified vintage documentary on operant conditioning. For more vintage clips including the...
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Art and Memory

title Memory Map
description Interactive art installation video, with memories recorded and mapped to audio in physical space. "Memory Map is a kind an electronic dance in which spoken memories and their movement in physical space become the principal performers. It explores issues of the physical mapping of conceptual space and the use of 3-D sound which should be of interest both to the art and interface research communities."...
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Safe Scanning

title MRI Safety: The Invisible Force
description Vintage industrial video on MRI magnet and cryogen safety. "Another safety video. No big name stars, no millionaires, no far-flung romantic locations. But if you want reality TV, take a look...
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Vintage Brain Movies

title Sagittal MRI Movie
description From 1994, a vintage MRI animation with a sagittal view. Play or scroll back and forth. Index for it and nine other clips here.
producer Michigan State University and the National Science Foundation
featuring Keith
format Quicktime
date 1994
length approx 00:00:30
link ~brains//brains/human/
direct video link ~brains//brains/human/

Produced by Michigan State University with the support of the Division of Integrative Biology and Neuroscience at...
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