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Coping With Triggering News On Child Sex Abuse

In this podcast discussion that lasts just over an hour, Trauma Recovery Coaches Athena Moberg and Bobbi Parish talk about strategies for coping when triggering news is published in social media or mass media.

For child sexual abuse (CSA) survivors, terrible triggers can come up unexpectedly in news feeds. It's important to know how to deal with these triggers as they happen, with effective self-care methods and reaching out to...
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Complex Vision

[Image by focusforward.]

title Vision and the Brain: Unseen Complexities
description Visual perception, in part 1, and part 2. From the Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lectures series (subscribe to RSS vodcast, or audio podcast).
producer University of Washington, via Research Channel
featuring Scott Murray, Melvyn A. Goodale, Steve Buck
format mpeg4, wmv, mov, mp3
date 03/07/07
length 00:51:42 and 00:57:57
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Learning from Suicide

[Image: The Suicide by Edouard Manet.]

title Suicidal Individuals: Evaluation, Therapies, and Ethics – Part 2
description Human subjects and ethics in research, and the problem of high risk suicidal people being excluded from studies (eg. drug trials). From the great Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lecture series, vodcast on the Research Channel.
producer University of Washington
featuring Marsha Linehan
format wmv, mpeg4, Quicktime
date 28/02/07
length 00:57:37
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PTSD Panorama

[Image by Ilona Meagher]

title PTSD: When Remembering Hurts
description Discussion of the many presentations of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), with lots of statistics and neurobiological/neuropsychiatric research. Dr. Stein is Professor of Psychiatry at UCSD and Scientific Director, Center for Stress and Mental Health, VA San Diego Health Care System. (There's also another video at Channel N with Dr. Stein, he was a guest on UCTV's Health Matters discussing Social Anxiety Disorder.)...
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title Dementia: Myths versus Realities
description "See why dementia is often misunderstood in our society. What are the common causes, symptoms and treatment options for those living with the condition?" General audience target but with specifics, and fairly good production values. Hosted by the Research Channel, which now offers video and audio podcasts and downloads of the programs it curates. Subscribe to subject or series.
producer Stanford University Medical...
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Neuroscience for Kids in Motion

Image: from Neuroscience for Kids. I put together a puzzle to get the larger image, an ecard, from a thumbnail. Check out more puzzles and ecards, many created for this Brain Awareness Week.

title BrainWorks
description "With the help of five kids, host Eric Chudler [of the awesome, award-winning Neuroscience for Kids web site] takes viewers on a journey inside of the brain. The show begins in the...
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Aneurysm Neurosurgery

[Image: Internet Encyclopedia of Science]

title Brain Aneurysms
description "Brain aneurysms are challenging to treat, especially since a patient may have no symptoms until the aneurysm ruptures and becomes a life-threatening condition. This edition of Inside Access follows three doctors and their patients, Roxie and Cora, at the UW Medicine Brain Aneurysm Center at Harborview. Cora receives endovascular treatment, while Roxie's surgery includes a technique of bypassing the brain's...
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[Image: edible dessert jewelry by Ayako Suwa. Click to see more of the chef's fantastic food art.]

title Words Get in the Way: A Tasteful Exploration
description "Can a question influence its answer? Discover the power of verbal overshadowing--ways in which words enhance or distract from different sensory memories. Dr. Schooler, Associate Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh and research scientist at the Learning Research and...
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Educational Gaming

title Playing To Learn
description "Are video games useful educational tools? Interactivity, exploration and use of imagination are all important elements of gaming as well as for learning. There are many games available that allow users to be creative and investigate. But when pupils use games are they learning about the educational principles behind them or just becoming better gamers? What are the challenges in creating an engaging classroom...
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