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Suicide Attempt Survivor Voices

The American Association of Suicidology 2014 National Conference in Los Angeles featured the panel, 'Can You Hear Me Now? New Voices of Attempt Survivors.'

It includes presentations by Cara Anna, Dese'Rae Stage, Samantha Nadler, Misha Kessler, and Craig A. Miller.

This historic, inspiring panel coincided with the launch of a new Attempt Survivors Division of the AAS, a move heralded as a major achievement in suicide prevention in the movement to include people who've...
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Cognitive Enhancement Debate

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A Better Brain: The Ethics of Neuro-enhancement

The neuroethics of cosmetic psychopharmacology. Four hypothetical situations (with real parallels) are debated by major thinkers on a panel at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism: a person who wants to take a drug for narcolepsy to stay awake in order to work more, a parent considering giving their child a psych med to help with social skills,...
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