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Archives for June, 2017


Lady Gaga and Prince William Fight Stigma

A short Skype conversation between pop star Lady Gaga and British royalty Prince William was recorded and shared as part of the #OKtoSay mental health anti-stigma campaign.

In the conversation Lady Gaga talks about her own mental health issues and they discuss what it means to share how she feels with the world (she also wrote an open letter describing her struggles). Prince William, along with wife Duchess Catherine, and his...
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Dancing Through Life with Bipolar

A short video portrait of Audley, a Montreal man living well with bipolar disorder.

He talks about what has helped in his recovery journey, including fitness, and he works as a personal trainer and fitness class instructor.

Audley also mentions one of the benefits of volunteering, which is that nonprofit organizations appreciate all volunteers regardless of mental health diagnosis.

An inspiring look at a vivacious...
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