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Archives for January, 2017


The Rise of Online Counselling

In the Shrink Rap Radio podcast, on a YouTube video, an episode delves into online counselling. Podcast host psychiatrist Roy interviews Clay Cockrell from the Online Counselling Directory and podcast.

The benefits and ethics of online counselling are established, and Cockrell, an expert in e-health, talks about the current status of the field and its future, and how more and more therapists are using the technology in their practices. Their clients are asking them to, for the convenience...
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Study Confirms Pets Benefit Mental Health

A new scientific study published in the BioMedCentral Psychiatry journal confirms what many people already knew intuitively: people with mental illness benefit from pet ownership. This short animated video explains the findings.

The helpful nature of pets includes providing routine, exercise, and acceptance. Those surveyed rated their pets in a primary role of social importance and support. Dogs, cats, birds, and hamsters were all valuable as animal companions.

The journal article is...
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