Yoga teacher and authentic living expert Amy Patee demonstrates a simple yoga posture (asana) and two breathing exercises that help reduce anxiety.

Patee used yoga in her personal journey recovering from anorexia and depression, and now shares her knowledge through offline yoga instruction and free online resources like a YouTube channel and ebooks. In this short video, she shows viewers how to do an easy yoga posture, explaining its benefits and what to do if you experience physical discomfort. She also discusses belly breathing and straw breathing, two techniques that help calm tension and anxiety.

Yoga has proven to be beneficial for a number of mental illnesses, but the esteemed Yoga Journal warns in an excellent article that practicing yoga can lead to unexpected pitfalls for certain conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder, and yoga should be used to complement professional mental health help rather than replace it in case issues arise during yoga practice.  However, skills like the ones in this video can easily be integrated into your personal mental health toolkit.