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Archives for March, 2013

How Psychology is Used in Advertising

A cute and educational animated short film about "Psychology and Advertising." Using images and style from the 1950s, the cartoon character "Little Timmy" learns lessons about direct and indirect messages, the psychology of colours, and more.

Sweet, funny, clever, and you'll likely have fun while learning a few things about how marketers persuade you to buy...
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‘To This Day’ Live at TED

Spoken word artist Shane Koyczan gives a live performance of "To This Day" in a TED Talk. Accompanied by a violinist, as well as the crowdsourced animation from the viral video (with million views and counting), Shane also gives a longer introduction with more talk about bullying and growing up.

Rousing, touching, funny and sad, this is a beautiful performance that received a standing ovation. Transcript available in nine languages.

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Being Suicidal

A woman talks about her experiences with being suicidal in "You want to die," with the important message that it gets better, and links to get help. She describes several situations with suicidal thoughts, being affected by a parent's suicide plans, and talks about how she made it through and is now thriving. A powerful video with an authentic voice.

Melissa C. Water also has a YouTube channel with with over 10,000 subscribers featuring videos about mental...
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