Lisa Kudrow interviews fellow Vassar College alum and psychology professor Abby Baird about her work researching the development of the adolescent brain, in “The Teenage Brain.”

A lively and amusing interview intended for a lay audience, recorded at a public From The Pub event. Kudrow is funny as ever but proves she is smarter than people realize, and Abby Baird is just as fun. Although this is a long interview on scientific topics, their witty banter makes it easy to watch.

They discuss psychology experiments conducted by Baird on the differences between teen and adult brains, and the profound impact that social peer influences have on teen brain functioning. Decisions about risk taking which are immediate in adults take time for teens to consider, and consequences aren’t as obvious because they’re still testing boundaries and cause and effect. The answer to the common parental question “what were you thinking?” is teens think differently. Baird talks about some of the differences between boys and girls, such as boys being insensitive to punishment, and girls being more sensitive to ostracism, bu also stresses the importance of socialization and gender roles.

Their interview is full of insights that are useful to parents and educators, and might help youth understand their own internal changes. A well-produced video and a pleasure to watch.