U Can Cope

– An excellent suicide prevention film launched on World Suicide Prevention Day 2012 (September 10) both online and at a special screening in the British House of Parliament, this documentary shines a light on three people who were depressed and suicidal but found hope and support.

By focusing on those who have lived experience of suicidal thoughts, others will be able to see themselves and relate not only to the pain but be inspired by their paths to recovery. Suicide is not a desire for death but a desire for an end to pain, and by learning new skills and getting support, people can find their way through crises.

If you are struggling, help is always available. Find a hotline near you in this directory, or if you don’t like talking on the phone there’s online help (like IM chat). And please, if you’re suicidal, read this first. There is hope, and you can cope.

Learn more about how you can increase your resilience with the U Can Cope campaign.