World Suicide Prevention Day 2012

– You may have read Alicia Sparks’s post about it in Celebrity Psychings, now here’s the video recording of a Skype video conferencing event featuring Sinead O’Connor, Kate Bornstein, and Roy Henry Vickers, on World Suicide Prevention Day 2012.

Hosted in a Brighton, England café by Grassroots Suicide Prevention as part of the Make Brighton Safer campaign, its impact reached around the globe with the inclusion of public figures from three countries and by livestreaming it online.

On September 10 it was exciting to watch live, but if you missed it, the recording is rich with great moments. Kate Bornstein is very quotable, Roy Henry Vickers, a decorated Canadian First Nations artist and activist, is eloquent, and Sinead O’Connor is forthright in talking about the stigma of mental illness.

There are a few technical glitches, but have patience, this is a fantastic event worth watching.

If you are struggling with suicide, help is always available. Find a hotline near you in this directory, or if you don’t like talking on the phone there’s online help. And please, read this first.