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Archives for September, 2012


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Video Toolkit

A toolkit consisting of a series of seven videos, with accompanying worksheets and information, on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Starting with the ABC model of human thought, the course teaches simple methods of altering thoughts based on mindfulness, and ways of cultivating happiness with kindness.

The five minute video and PDF on rumination are especially good, outlining eleven practical steps to stopping the cycle, and the mindfulness meditation overview is great.

The self-professed...
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Celebrity Suicide Prevention Event

World Suicide Prevention Day 2012

- You may have read Alicia Sparks's post about it in Celebrity Psychings, now here's the video recording of a Skype video conferencing event featuring Sinead O'Connor, Kate Bornstein, and Roy Henry Vickers, on World Suicide Prevention Day 2012.

Hosted in a Brighton, England café by Grassroots Suicide Prevention as part of the Make Brighton Safer campaign, its impact reached around the globe with the inclusion of public figures from three countries and...
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Hope and Coping on World Suicide Prevention Day

U Can Cope

- An excellent suicide prevention film launched on World Suicide Prevention Day 2012 (September 10) both online and at a special screening in the British House of Parliament, this documentary shines a light on three people who were depressed and suicidal but found hope and support.

By focusing on those who have lived experience of suicidal thoughts, others will be able to see themselves and relate not only...
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Brain Awareness Video Contest People’s Choice Award – Vote Now

Using Your Brain

- The Society for Neuroscience's annual Brain Awareness Video Contest has already chosen a winner, but ten videos still have a chance to win $500 and recognition at the society's New Orleans conference with the People's Choice Award. These videos were created by scientists to communicate their knowledge of the brain, and voting is open to the general public.

In my personal favourite, Using Your Brain, Montreal neuroscientist Kenneth Stephen Dyson works with his...
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