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Archives for March, 2012


Neuroscientist Eric Kandel Thinking Big

The Human Brain in the Age of Insight

- Eminent neuroscientist and Nobel laureate Eric Kandel in a recorded livestream from Big Think, interviewed about creativity and the brain, the challenges facing neuroscience research, differences between the brain and computers, imaging, and questions from viewers. "Understanding the human brain is the most important task that confronts us, both from an intellectual point of...
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Brene Brown Speaks About Shame

Brené Brown: Listening to shame

- After her awesome 2010 TEDxHouston talk on vulnerability went viral, with close to 4 million views, Brown was invited to speak at the main TED conference in Long Beach this year. With warm humour she describes what happened in her life after becoming famous, while quick to point out she must "dance with the one you came with" and continue to talk about her research on shame, which led to conclusions on...
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Contributing to an Autism Research Database

National Database for Autism Research

Demonstrating the adage "power in numbers," the National Database for Autism Research pools valuable data collected from 169,846+ sources. Individuals with autism spectrum disorders have participated in many types of clinical and basic research, in studies ranging from molecules to genes, to behavioral, social, and environmental factors, and this database aggregates the results to make their contributions even more relevant to a larger group of scientists. If you would like to contribute to the database...
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