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Archives for February, 2012

How To Know if a Self-Help Book is Good or Bad

Self Help Books: How Can You Tell Which Ones Are Good?

A vodcast from The Psych Files about how to spot a dubious psychology self-help book. Examples include outlandish claims that lack evidence, relying only on testimonials, unfalsifiable statements, oversimplifying (eg. "happiness is a choice"), lack of references & citations, mushy things that are not measurable (eg. the so-called "law of abundance"), blaming the victim, hiding behind quotes from famous people, ordinary advice in flowery language, sales pitches, misrepresenting psychology,...
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Free Will and Neurons

Neurons as Will and Representation: Recordings from the Human Brain

A fascinating neuroscience talk about observations made during single cell recordings during neurosurgery, and how the brain processes conscious representation. He concludes by discussing free will - after demonstrating that decisions...
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Neuro Romance

Big Think Interview with Helen Fisher

Neuroanthropologist Helen Fisher talks about love, human behaviour, and the brain systems behind it. In this in-depth interview, she discusses the drive to love, casual sex, cheating and recovery from cheating, what makes us attracted to someone, and the age-old question, "What is love?" Is her research unromantic? Describing the chemicals in roses doesn't make them any...
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