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Archives for November, 2011

Light Through the Ear

Light to the brain relieves winter blues

An unusual method of delivering light therapy to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): through the ear. Finnish researchers present their invention with positive findings from a randomized controlled trial, in this short news...
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The Divided Brain

Iain McGilchrist: The Divided Brain

Psychiatrist McGilchist debunks myths of split brain functioning and explains how the left and right hemispheres of the brain always work together, yet still have different specializations. He posits that their strengths (and physical size) have...
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Recovery is Possible


A short student documentary about Vancouver author and artist Sandra Yuen MacKay. She has schizoaffective disorder and asserts, "Despite having a mental illness, I thrive on life." In this video she and her family talk about her art, advocacy and public speaking, why she wrote a memoir, and the ultimate message that recovery is...
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Winning Video

Melanie Oldham

The winner of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance's Facing Us Video Contest, Melanie describes what it's like to have bipolar I disorder (with especially good descriptions of manic symptoms) and how she grew to accept the diagnosis and mental health services that keep it in check. An authentic and touching portrayal from a personal perspective, it's a great video for someone new to bipolar. I hope Melanie's disclosure doesn't affect her "stressful" career, and that winning...
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